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Honeysuckle Harebell

Terms & Conditions



Our Terms & Conditions apply when you access this website, purchase from our shop or use any of the member services. This constitutes a legal agreement between 'You' the visitor and/or customer and 'Honeysuckle Harebell'*

By using this website or making a purchase you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. It is recommended you print a copy for your records.

Any queries regarding our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice and Cookies information 

should be directed to or via the Contact at



You must be over 18 years old to make a purchase on this website.

You must provide accurate information regarding name, billing, postal delivery and email address.

All items are described as acurately as possible but if you are unhappy with your purchase please refer to our

Returns & Refund Policy if items are not to your satisafction.

'Honeysuckle Harebell' reserves the right to decline or cancel an order.  




All images or materials are under copyright to 'Honeysuckle Harebell'* and therefore any unlawful infringement in Copyright Law thereof will result in litigation. 


Delivery of Goods 

Uk Delivery-

Items will be dispatched to the customer within 1-2 business days

Orders will be sent Standard First Class delivery by Royal Mail to UK at no extra cost.

Items should be received 1-2 days after dispatch. 

Honeysuckle Harebell is not responsible for delays due to actions by other parties. If any item is delayed or lost

after 11 days it will be refunded or replaced.

Should unforseen events cause a delay, you will be updated as soon as possible by email as to the estimated delivery of orders. 

Orders over £30 will be sent special delivery and will require a signature.


'Honeysuckle Harebell' reserves the right to sell and ship to the UK only. 


International Orders

Please check these export restrictions before you place an order.

Honeysuckle Harebell reserves the right not to take or fulfill international orders at this time.



Third Party Links

The use of third party links on this website is limited however 'Honeysuckle Harebell' is not responsible for the content  practice or delivery of items from any other website.



Code of Conduct

‘Honeysuckle Harebell’ will treat all visitors and customers with respect and requires you the visitor and /or customer to be polite and respectful in return. Any harrasment, intimidation or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Honeysuckle Harebell reserves the right to terminate any correspondance that violates this agreement. All disputes will be resolved in a polite manner and ‘Honeysuckle Harebell’ will endeavour to provide a positive outcome for the visitor/customer in any disputes that may arise. 

Contact details

C. Hackett

'Honeysuckle Harebell'
Address: 1 Mill Cottages, Mill Lane, Willaston, Neston, Cheshire CH64 1RR


* 'Honeysuckle Harebell' is a business name and represents C.Hackett as sole proprietor.

Last updated 4/10/23

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