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Introduction to 'Fleabane - A Fairy Tale'

This is an introduction to Honeysuckle Harebells' fairy story entitled ‘Fleabane~ a Fairy Tale’. It is a story all about a little Victorian Fairy who couldn't fly, but desperately needed to!

The story begins in the Victorian Fairy village of ‘Loosestrife’. Loosestrife is a small hamlet with a tiny cluster of little Fairy houses,

A Fairy is found accidentally but is treated as an outcast in the village.

Vipers Bugloss the wicked local Councillor wants her out of the way- for good!

But Fleabane has grown up to be one determined little Fairy. The only problem is she can't fly! How will she learn, who will teach her, will she ever escape? Or will there be a spillage of Fairy blood in the Bear Pit?

This is an adventure story and you will meet lots of quirky & original characters, such as the Digitalis Crew, the numerous Wort family members & the indomitable Lady Bedstraw, along the way.

There are also many creatures involved in this story & they play a significant part.

Wildlife looms large in the Fairy world!

...And, as you know, all Fairies are named after wildflowers so each chapter has a wildflower heading.

This Fairy world is one you won’t want to leave. Ideal for reading to somebody, ( you will need to employ various character voices! ) or to read to yourself if you are confident to do so. I really hope you like it and you take Fleabane to heart, she is a loveable Fairy, she just doesn’t know it yet!

You can purchase your copy of the book from this website or by visiting

Honeysuckle Harebells' Etsy Shop

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