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Introducing 'Fleabane' a Fairy tale by Honeysuckle Harebell'

Updated: Mar 20

A Fairy tale all about a little Victorian Fairy who couldn't fly, but so desperately needed to.

The Fairy tale begins in the Victorian Fairy village of ‘Loosestrife’, deep in the heart of Easdale Wood, in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Chestershire.  

A baby Fairy is found dangling from a tree by the hapless Toadflax, servant to Vipers Bugloss, the wicked local Councillor. Nobody in the village knows what to do with her but Bugloss knows he wants this particular Fairy out of the way- for good.

However, Fleabane manages to grow up to be one determined little Fairy. Go with Fleabane on her adventure as she meet lots of quirky and original characters along the way, such as the Digitalis Crew, the numerous Wort family members and the indomitable Lady Bedstraw.

There are also cameo appearances by well known wildlife in the story, Ladybird, Dung Beetle & Earwig to name a few. Wildlife looms large in the Fairy world and they all play their parts very convincingly. (No wildlife was harmed in the making of this story.)

Fleabanes' very Fairy life is in peril. Will there be a spillage of Fairy blood in the Bear Pit?

Find out the answer to all the questions you are itching to ask.

Who will teach her to fly ?

Will she ever find out who she really is?

What exactly is a Bobwert??

All these questions and more are answered in this delightful Fairy tale by Honeysuckle Harebell. This is a Fairy tale, fantasy world you won’t want to leave. Our heroine, Fleabane, is such a loveable little Fairy, she just doesn’t know it yet!

Ideal for ages 7 and above. You can purchase your copy of the book direct from the Honeysuckle Harebell website.

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