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The Weedy Pond

The pond appeared as if by…well not by magic, but it is surprising, when you set your mind to doing something, how quickly it can be achieved.

I want to persuade as much wildlife as I can into spending time here in the Enchanted Cottage Garden so there needs to be a pond.

First decision- Location, I asked someone Who Knows About These Things, where to put a pond and was told in full sun so I decided to put it in the vegetable garden but am hedging my bets because it will have a bit of shade when things grow.

I started with a pond liner, if you want to build a pond anything will do, on old bath, a bucket, even a teacup ! A hole was dug and then filled in around the gaps. Then it was thanks to the clouds that filled it up with rainwater and a bit of help from the hosepipe.

It's not easy but you have to try to think like a newt ! I put pebbles & sand on the bottom and a few small rocks & a holy brick ( non religious) for hiding places. Also I put a slab of sandstone up against the side for any accidental bathers so they could get out of the pond if necessary. I'm not sure I've done this right, I am not a gardening expert or indeed any kind of expert, but if you look at the Wildlife Trusts instructions on how to make a pond, they do know what they're talking about.

I have made a start and added a few plants into the pond. I wanted them to be wildflower type ones not ornamental but a waterlily has crept in as I already had that. She loves it.

Marsh Marigold (Hypericum elodes), Marsh St Johns Wort (Caltha palustris), a Flowering Rush ( Butomus umbrellas- lovin' that name! )I got some Loostrife which is dear to my heart as it's the name of the sleepy fairy village in my book! Its going to love the slightly damp site next to the waters edge. Surrounding the pond I put some Achillea ‘Desert Eve Rose’, some Montbretia, a Honeysuckle ( of course) and a tall grass I acquired ( from a friend actually).

Family heirloom~ A watering can

To make the whole thing a bit more rustic, wildlife friendly I added some old tree branches around the edge trying to hide the plastic and some random rocks too. Frogs, Toads & Newts have been living in this garden without a pond. I’m not quite sure how they manage that but I'm hoping to see Frog & Toad spawn next year and maybe even a Great Crested Newt or two.


Don't force a Frog into your pond if he doesn't want to go ! I know because I tried & he hopped straight back out again !

H.H. x

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