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The Book Woodworm Podcast

Updated: Jan 18

( the transcription- for those who think podcasts are something to do with shelling peas. )

Welcome, today we have with us an up and coming British author who has written a childrens' book all about Fairies & discovering who you really are. Let me start, Honeysuckle Harebell, by asking who you really are & why did you bother?

Well, you know who I am Thassa dear, it says so on your bit of paper and I am very bothered actually.

Oh wonderful. Before you wrote the book, did you ever ask yourself, do we really need more Fairy stories ?

No, I didn't. It was a story that had to be told. Fairies are a fascinating subject don't you agree?

Erm...for some I suppose. You see what I don't understand is, forgive me, you say it's a factual fairy story, so does that mean you believe in Fairies ?

That's like asking me do I believe in... peanut butter and mackerel sandwiches. All things are possible. All I can say is, when I wrote the book I combined everything I know about them , and some things I didn't, threw in a large dollop of hearsay and gave it a good stir.

I see, how... interesting. Can you tell us who or what is Fleabane ?

If you had done your research Thassa you'd know that Fleabane is a ‘Misplaced & Waylaid’ Victorian Fairy who can’t fly but longs to escape from the terrible 'goings on' in the tiny, unforgiving Fairy village of Loosestrife. Her quest is to find out who she really is.

Fascinating, I did read the end bit. You won't write another one will you?

Another book is in the pipeline, as they say, and hopefully a plumber or a publisher will come and help me get it unblocked.

Fantastic news...and finally Honeysuckle Harebell... what do you wish for ?

Hmm, one has to be so careful what one wishes for. I would like to wish for kindness to all creatures.

That's marvel...

I also wish, I presume one gets three wishes, I wish that people will enjoy this story, let loose their wonderful imaginations and be encouraged to get out into nature and see what they can find.

Actually, I think that was four wishes.

One can never have too many wishes.

Indeed. Well, thank you Honeysuckle Harebell, it's been a delight, If you'd like to purchase a copy of 'Fleabane by Honeysuckle Harebell' then its available to purchase from or if you feel the urge, click on the link below. Honeysuckle has brought some copies in their handbag for you the listener and for everyone in the office... how... delightful.

Next week I hope you will join me as I talk with the incredible Rich Houmus who's written an amazing biography all about his life with Nematodes .

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