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Interview with Ms. Honeysuckle Harebell

Welcome, today we have with us an up and coming British author & Fairy historian, who has written a childrens' book all about Fairies, wildflowers & finding out who you really are. I shall be endeavouring to ask any questions I imagine you, the readers may have.

Let me start by asking, who are you & why did you bother?

How very rude! I think you know who I am , it says so on your bit of paper and I am bothered, young man, because somebody has to be. Small creatures are in trouble these days and this story needed telling.

Ah..I ...

Fairies are a fascinating subject. I combined everything I know, and some things I didn't, about Fairies, local history, nature, threw in a large dollop of folklore and gave it a good stir. Voila!

I see, how very interesting. Can you tell us who or what Fleabane is ?

I do find these questions rather banal and it would have helped if you had read the book first, my dear, but I will give you a brief synopsis.The story is set in Victorian times. Little Fleabane is a ‘Misplaced & Waylaid’ Fairy who can’t fly, poor thing. She is an outcast in the tiny, unforgiving Fairy village of Loosestrife. She must escape from the terrible 'goings on' there, but how can she and when will she discover who she really is? ... and that's all I'm prepared to divulge at the moment, next question please and do try to make it interesting.

Where can I purchase my copy of Fleabane?

That's a very good question. You can purchase the book from my website .

May I ask, when is your next book out?

It is in the pipeline as they say and hopefully a plumber or a publisher will come and have a look at it soon.

Fantastic...and finally Ms. Harebell... what do you wish for ?

Hmm, one has to be so careful what one wishes for. I would like to wish for kindness to all creatures.

That's marvel...

I also wish, I presume one gets three wishes, that young people will enjoy this story and be encouraged to look out for nature and use their wonderful imaginations too.

I think that was four wishes.

One can never have too many wishes.

Thank you Ms. Harebell, it's been a delight, I'm sure the readers will be keen to get their hands on a copy... Oh she's gone...

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