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 written & illustrated by Honeysuckle Harebell


If you like Fairies you will love this!

A Fairy story about a lost little Fairy who can’t fly.

Vipers Bugloss knows who Fleabane really is & is out to stop her. Fleabane has to escape but how? 


 Introducing Fleabane an orphan Fairylet who will capture your heart. 

Meet the engaging inhabitants of Loosestrife, a Fairy village deep in the heart of Easdale Wood.


A magical world  full of wildlife, wildflowers & Fairies. The world of Wristwhiffs & Wingworth Dust.

A truly unforgettable fantasy world.

 Humourous & charming, this is a fairy tale you will fall in love with.

 Paperback edition. 

Available to purchase direct from this site or from the Etsy shop

Price £4.99 

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