Here are a few of the stories behind each of my paintings so you get a feel of who's who in the garden


I didn’t know there were hedgehogs in my garden. Then unexpectedly, one morning two small abandoned hoglets appeared.I named them Spike & Sally. Sally disappeared but I managed to catch Spike. He was so small & underweight I took him to a rescue centre.

A Magical Visitor

Early one morning, I opened the front door and there standing on the pathway was a large Brown Hare. Our eyes met and I was absolutely entranced as I’d never seen a hare so close before. The hare lolloped off up the path and out of sight but I was left with the image imprinted on my memory forever.

The Robin

Tow Robins were at war in the garden. One Robin lived on the right, one on the left. Mr. Right Side won.



A Fairy story about a lost little Fairy who can’t fly.

 Introducing Fleabane an orphan Fairylet who will capture your heart. 

A magical world  full of wildlife, wildflowers & Fairies. The world of Wristwhiffs & Wingworth Dust.

A truly unforgettable fantasy world.

 Humourous & charming, this is a fairy tale you will fall in love with.

 Paperback edition. 

Available to purchase direct from this site or from the Etsy shop

Price £4.99 

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